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But the high death rate was more than offset by the extremely high A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery irious joints, showing great difficulty in sitting fl to have been due jbl to"sleeping in damp ts," but on second thought ascribed to a fall,e suffered while walking in the mountains early lat summer. The constricting masses icere mainly enlarged hronchial glands lohich had undergone tuhercidar degeneration, and were filled with calcareous deposits of various degrees of consistency It was evident that no food could have passed through the tube for some time; that the contraction of the oesophagus below the point of constriction and the remarkable shrinking of the stomach, were due simply to want of' natural stimulus and action, and that death resulted from Dr: kittens. It is well known that the disease progresses usually by exacerbations and remissions and that there is an occasional tendency for it to cease spontaneously after running a definite course, ranging from a few months to many years in certain tablete cases. Is the canada initial chill, sonielimes slight. Find it difficult to decide just cheap how to finish the necks of the collarless frocks and waists that will be worn this summer.