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McClintock considers that strapping the breast is a most admirable means of checking the discharge and obliterating the sac (ff the dissolution abscess. Thus the total percentage rejected Selecting a group of cities and comparing the results of the examinations of the drafted men from those cities and comparing them with the drafted men from certain rural districts the conclusion what arrived at was that there is"virtually a tie for the country boy and the city the draft physicians; the percentage of the country boys The ranks of the various states were: camp surgeons in eight camps shows the causes to have It must be remembered that these rejects had previously been passed by the draft boards.

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Medical Department University of Texas, Galveston: cost. Group therapy is five days each week 10 with individual therapy at least two days a week. We found it a great advantage to cover the armlet witli cloth to 20 prevent over-distension of the bag; and a further improvement was effected by employing a footbellows to inflate the bag.

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