The paris oedema is most commonly due to a primary retention of salt by the kidney, more rarely to a primary retention of water. Gave the quinine every three hours and repeated the uterine irrigation every six hours: bague. Bathe with new milk three or four times a day, and apply, after bathu)g, the eye wash: true. If you will send patients to any spa, let 2018 one of its medical men take up the case where you lay it down; let him treat it according to his knowledge, and by the natural means at his command; give him a history of the case; look upon him as a specialist, if you like; but look upon him as one who will do his best to cooperate with you in accomplishing the cure of the patient. Diminution of the dropsy is sometimes obtained by the use of billet a diet as free as possible from sodium chloride, for one cause of dropsy is the retention of water in the tissues by the sodium chloride which the diseased kidneys fail to eliminate; and, indeed, healthy persons have sometimes had oedema from eating excessive quantities of salt. The legs achat and the scrotum are the j)arts most commonly affected.


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