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Pie was one of the brightest literary stars of England in the seventeenth century, and is ranked by James Kussell Lowell with de Quincy and Jeremiah Taylor as" the richest and most dazzling of theoricians; our most imaginative mind since Shakespeare." He graduated in arts at Oxford, and in medicine at Leyden, and subsequently at Oxford also, and settled in the practice of physic at Norwich: to. Now you who are at all acquainted with the nature of a half baked, cranky, inbred screw tail Boston bull, and this one had never been chained, can imagine how she acted when she saw she just went crazy with excitement, and the stableman thought she would either strangle herself or break her neck in her attempts to get away from the chain, so he attempted to pacify her by patting her on the head, an act he was perfectly fearless in doing, for the owner had just assured him the dog would not bite, but the little ingrate bit him: mg. Two patients died over five weeks, one over four weeks, and three over three weeks after delivery; seven deaths were due to haemorrhage, two to acute yellow atrophy of the liver, three to convulsions, one to exhaustion from discharge from encysted peritonitis, one to congestion of the lungs, three to phthisis, one to tuberculosis of lungs and brain, side one to acute bronchitis, three to pleuro-pneumonia, one to pneumonia and Bright's, one to syncope, one to excessive vomiting with haematemesis, and eighteen to septicaemia. NEW YORK itself and the constant unvarying uniformity of the finished Agents wanted for Goldthwait, Painter and Osgood's, Cabot's, and Austin's books, and the Boston Medical and for Surgical Journal. How - there is less likelihood of having a reaction after the administration of the drug if the patient takes a cathartic the night before and only a very light lunch the day of treatment. Beta-naphthol is sometimes used, but its effects with on the kid neys arc more serious, there being a marked amount of albumen in the urine when used in sufficient quantity to expel the worms, and it does not expel the worms as thoroughly as thymol. Laying the high cavity freely open, scrapmg away the pyogenic tissue, perhaps nrifying with carbolic acid, plugging the wound firmly with gauze infiltrated lith purified iodoform, and allowing it to granulate from the bottom, or te open method, may be used advantageously in cases where abscesses have iirrowed between muscles, and along fascial planes. The right ovary was prolapsed, enlarged, and fixed in the posterior so painful that no further effort was made to explore the rectum at this 50 period.


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