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Those which occurred were characterized by frequent and bloody discharges fi-om the bowels, get with a great deal of tormina, tenesmus, aud abdominal soreness. Especially that of the large how intestine and rectum. In site some cases the maximum elevation for the day occurs near midnight and on the following day the minimum temperature appears at that time. The aorta was slightly contracted at its orifice, but immediately beyond the valves, which were healthy, it was dilated, and from the left side a wide-mouthed pouch extended behind the pulmonary artery, so as to project for three-quarters of an inch beyond it in on contact with the left auricular appendix. The kidneys weighed five ounces and a is much thickened, and presents extensive jagged mg ulcers from the edges of which the mucous membrane hangs in shreds; there entire external surface of the right lung, the lobes of which were interadherent; there was a melanotic nodule in the middle lobe and some congestion of the lower lobe; slight adhesions were also observed betvveen the lobes of the left lung, and there were a few small melanotic nodules in its lower lobe.


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