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Fever buy and possibly heat stroke may occur due to anhidrosis. It can be given as a single intramuscular advanced dose and can be administered simultaneously with the influenza vaccine. Two of the patients who were not cured left the hospital before the treatment could be completed, and in the other two the treatment was still is beinggiven when the report was made. Beside the observations on the temperature of the head and ear, and its connection with the vascularization of the parts, which is here easier to make out than in other parts of the body, there are others of the same character in breast the limbs and the great cavities, although they are somewhat more complicated in the performance of the necessary experiments.

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When inoculated into the author's the arm it produced the typical lesions from which the organism was recovered in pure culture. Tissue change are so great in fever as to interfere with the functional activity of the liver and a generalized yellowish discoloration or jaundice results: multi-symptom.

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This point dose has already been discussed in detail by Louis.