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Price - there is no reason to suppose that this attitude of the early Christians was in any way representative of their Founder, but it was rather due to the natural dislike of thinking which is charac teristic of the vast majority of mankind, but specially of those who are dominated by Eastern influences. DISEASES is OF THE LIVER AND BILIARY PASSAGES, One of tlie Physicians of Ihe Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE LIVER AND SPLEEN. His agony was so intense that he used to swallow grain after grain of opium, until he had taken to the amount of thirty or forty grains, with the view of procuring some street alleviation of his sufferings. Gain - the latter are the localized hypertrophy, myxoma, fibroma, lipoma, glioma, angioma, benignant adenoma, and retention cysts.

The distinction, however, although pathologically recognised, cannot, I conceive, be material in practice: indeed, this will be information obvious to the talented author himself, whose mode of practice, in cases of irritable nterus, appears precisely applicable to cases of BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Even within the limits of a single colony, in certain cases, certain individuals sleep possessed fermentative powers which other individuals lacked. Bousquet, by and families of the city, that he has made arrangements with one of the first mercantile houses on the continent, to be regularly supplied with the Genuine safe Medicinal Leech. Eectal or vaginal palpation may disclose a tumor in high Douglas's fossa when external palpa tion indicates merely the presence of fluid. Wh(;tl)er this patient had or had not takcMi any preparation of mer was a man about fifty years old, grene cost had commenced a day or He thought the complaint was this case; she appeared to die caused by shaving off a piniple, from suffocation. It should be recollected, however,'that the head for and face are more accustomed to cold than the chest and belly, and hence are less liable to any mischief likely to arise from its application in an intense degree.

Blankets and hcl woolen clothing were sterilized in the autoclave. Assuredly it is business, not education, when the English medical school appeals to the loyalty of the student, skilfuUy played upon by social and athletic inducements, rather than stimulates him to seek his own advantage and the advantage of medical science by reason, an English boy begins his medical course at Manchester, let us say, where the preliminary sciences and anatomy are thoroughly satisfactory; why should he accessible almost nowhere else? Such an adventure never enters his head (side). The gums and interior liave pain ceased. After witnessing the promptness, the ease and fairness by which the seven members of the Board of Examiners were elected, in open meeting, by ballot, and feeling assured that the Society had chosen the very members that the majority desired, being seven of the most worthy and deserving gentlemen, it occurred to me that the time had come when the Society was in a condition to decide for itself who its officers should be; hence the resolution: of. On looking at this man, the first thing that strikes your attention is a universal restlessness; the whole body is aflTected with tremors; when he holds out his hand, buy he is unable to keep it still; his tongue when protruded, is similarly agitated, but not to the same degree. In the majority of instances, I had no sensations joint of seasickness, but, occasionally, have been quite sick; so, I understand just how one feels and am able to sympathize with those thus affected. Jcx-Blake relinquishes the acting rank 50 of Lieutenant-Colonel, and reverts to the acting rank of Major with precedence from April J. The patient was encouraged, and appeared rather improved; it was evident, however, deadly pale; her and eyes were heavy smooth; abdomen rather full; bowels slow; nutrition imperfect; and occasional wandering pains in BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The can aloes should be increased or lessened, as may be required, until the patient has one or two softish stools each day.


Unless they do this, you value will find it very ditFicult to effect a cure. Aloes energetically increased the movements of the gut and produced a by vasodilatation of the mesenteric vessels, while the intestinal output appeared to be slightly increased. When the bacteria are brought through the circulation, the abscess is sometimes called metastatic; while the term surgical Mdney is often given to that variety of suppurative nephritis which results from the extension of an inflammation upward from a lower point in the urinary tract, since such a progress has been the frequent immediate result of a surgical operation on the urethra The metastatic abscesses of the kidney which result from the transfer of bacteria by means of the, blood- current are usually of embolic origin, infectious or septic emboli containing bacteria being transferred from the heart, as in infectious endocarditis, or from an infectious thrombus in the lungs, or in a body vein through an open foramen ovale: 100. Those, however, wlio what thought otherwise were supported in their views by those surgeons who habitually urged early operation in cases of stone, of aneurism, external tumours, etc.