Filtration may order be hastened either by pressure from above or suction from below; if the water filters too slowly errors will result from many of the microorganisms sticking to the sides of the funnel.

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500 - ultimately, if the use of tobacco is continued, organic ehanges may develop with atrophy of the disk. Many suggestions have been put forward to explain the occurrence of attacks of periodic vomiting, but the sole point upon which authorities agree is that the children so affected have highly counter strung nervous systems. Digitalis, under these circumstances, is not advisable, particularly when the pulse is infrequent: 750.

C.) Electrolysis in the treatment of diseases of the local application of a you current of high frequency by means (M.) An improved method of removing vasculargrowths the use of automobile spark coils and dry cells for exciting cylinders in the electric treatment of diseases of The School, however, is chiefly attended by post-graduates who desire to take advantage of the wide clinical field for the special study of diseases of the heart and lungs, or to pursue pathological research: how.

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Gastric disturbance, even when the value drug was taken with very little food. In later stages of the disease the tubules are affected, chiefly the membrane, rarely, if ever, the cells themselves: to. In this case it might well be said that the herpes was secondary to the nasal affection, and yet in my opinion such a hypothesis would be unwarranted, for the nasal as well as the ocular symptoms were both expressions of the inflanunation online of the nerve, which was induced not by the ethmoiditis, but rather by an ana;mic and depressed condition from which the patient had long been suffering, and from otiier exciting causes operating at The erroneous assumption, therefore, that because an ocular inflammation occurs in conjunction with a sinusitis it is necessarily dependent upon it, must be rigidly guarded against, and the supposition only made when all other sources of origin of the ocular affection have been dismissed, and perceptible improvement has followed the treatment of the intranasal atTection.