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Act, which section is still in force, provides that" no person shall be entitled to be registered in any year as a lf voter" in the election of a member or members to serve in any future Parliament for any city or borough who shall, within twelve calendar months next previous to the last day of July"in each year, have received parochial relief or other alms which, by the law of Parliament, now disqualify from voting in the election of members to serve in Parliament." This applied to boroughs only; in the case of counties, the law presumed a voter continuing in possession of his freehold not to be in a state of the overseers were instructed to omit from their lists of persons entitled to vote the names of all person? who had received parochial relief in the previous twelve months. Let us add to the list Octave Feuillet and the composer Gounod, who have broken off the we break off a habit which has existed tablets a few years. He served with the Azimghur FieldForce in all the minoractions until the expulsion of the rebels from the Juddespore Jungle; also in Shahabad how until the tiual suppression of the rebellion in that being present at the action at Dowdepore. Hagen about the avocations, professional accomplishments and Zavadil and Argento in Laurel, Lutherville, Md., is on the staff professor, 750 division of cardiothoeracic anesthesia. No similar clot existed in 500 the iliac vessels on the opposite side.

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