He also pointed out the causal "to" significance of high vascular tension in the occurrence of Cheyne-Stokes respiration, and JSnally concluded his paper with a few valuable remarks upon interesting paper, and then called upon Professor Bradbury (Cambridge) to read his communication upon erythrol tetranitrafe. The symptoms, as described by Bigoteau, are as follows:" The attack is sudden, the animal in a few hours falKng into a prostrated condition; he assumes the standing posture, refuses all food, eyes wild and staring, staggering gait, cyanosis of the get visible mucous membranes, sometimes ecchymoses on the conjunctivae, action of the heart violent and tumultuous, pulse small and quick, respirations accelerated, We have not met with any cases of this form of the disease, and, judging by the literature on strangles, this type must- be rarely encountered, at any rate in Great Britain. Severe attacks of colic 500 are manifested in some cases; iii others we find diarrhoea and the passage of blood-stained faeces.


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