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Whether the results are due to the alkaline reaction induced in the urine or to flushing of the urinary dose tract through the diuretic action, the fact remains tliat this treatment gives excellent results in pyelitis with acid urinary reaction in children.

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The tremor and other symptoms canada of alcoholism are absent. Such books, as well as the smaller compends, often create "how" a false feeling of thoroughness.

This exhibit may give some practicable ideas get for some puzzling Institution: Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago. By its action on the nervous" rod" the nerve-change necessary for can the production of sensation is originated and transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain, and the sensation of Ught in a specified direction outside the body is at once produced.


While the inheritance of mutilations seems exceptional, and dosage even disproven regarding many animals from fairly extensive observation and experiment, the transmission of mental impress is much more susceptible of proof. In all the dogs other cases the results of inflammatory action were decided, and in many cases severe. Just here let me say "lhr" a few words regarding the recklessness and unwarranted haste in advising surgical operation upon the nerve. High - it commonly lasts two or three weeks, and is unattended by much irritation. His own belief was that psychical shock played a subordinate part, and that physical injury was the important cause (many).