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A great instrument for a noisy kid and a great way to learn about rhythm and timing. You don’t need to rush out and buy an expensive kit either, a pair of sticks and a few things to hit is a good way to see if it’s this instrument is for you.


Perhaps the easiest instrument to learn for youngsters as it has a very visual layout which helps pupils to ‘see’ how the language of music works, leading to quick results which are always very encouraging.


As with the piano but with the added benefit of a volume control or headphones! Throw in some funky sounds and back beats and there’s very little not to like - just be weary of the cheap ones!

Acoustic Guitar

Guitars are great fun but quite difficult to learn. However there are smaller guitars available for kids which work well for beginners and with plenty of practice it’ll prove extremely rewarding.


A beautiful sound but children need to be fairly coordinated and mature enough to cope with comparatively slow progress at the start.

Electric Guitar

Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? As with acoustic, it’s a tricky instrument to get going with but with less string tension it can be easier to play than an acoustic - and so cool!