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Under chloroform, the trachomatous parts of the lids were squeezed out with ring forceps, after which the conjunctival how sac was washed out every two hours with a boracic-acid solution. This interesting malformation dogs occurred in delivered each time at full term.

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A normal leukocyte count is generally the rule in paraneoplastic prescription erythrocytosis.

In the large "can" intestines, the plates arc smaller, whereas the follicles, those in the rectum excepted, are larger, as well as more numerous. Leg to accommodate the flexion of the limb, and the thickness of this support was gradually reduced as the limb became straighter, and in a few days it was down in the bed and parallel 800 with the other limb. During the epidemic I have on met with a greater number of cases of acute suppuration of the antrum than I have seen at any other time. To these must be added submaxillary and cervical infiltration of the connective tissue with lymph, simulating the more serious lesion known as Louis's or Ludwig's angina, and sometimes compressing the larynx (generic). On tlie other hand several pneumonias persistently watched for fluid by both ward surgeon and assistant medical chief, and high persLstently revealing loud breath sounds, were first spotted by the radiologist as having fluid, wliich in turn, was proved with tlie needle. The medical aspect of all past military operations in this coxmtry down to the present war That uiemorable winter spent by our Continental troops under General Washington at Valley Forge was one of want, disease, and death, with supplies spoiling on the road for lack of tran.sportation, due to the apathy of "to" the Continental Congress. Every remedial hcl means have been resorted to.