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Nor do I consider the presence of the albumen due to any endosmosis, that is, passing of the albuminoid of the discharge from the surfaces of the wound into the renal veins, and thence its exodus and transmission along with the urine; nor can I fall in with the view that by any process of absorption it passed into those vessels, or even more directly into thecontiguous bladder, whence it was ready for side withdrawal.

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We are therefore justified in assuming that not one in a hundred of those who will consult this book as a guide in electro-therapeutics will be so thoroughly and accurately informed on the principles of electro-physics as not canada to need, on this subject, some compact treatise which shall serve as a guide and reminder of the leading facts and principles of the science. McParlin says,"Slightly wounded men were straggling all over the country, in every direction except toward the free front. About five online years ago patient began to have choking sensation while eating. The practice in Paris lying-in "20mg" hospitals is, however, very varied.

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