In view of these facts and of the statement in the Missionary Review that another party of missionaries are expected, the Governor of Sierra Leone calls attention to the matter," as this climate is not suited to those who safe trust alone to faith healing and ignore the means placed by Providence at their disposal for the relief of suffering humanity." electric wires, the Common Council have passed an ordinance to appoint an inspector of wires, who shall have charge of all wires in the city. In the Orwood epidemic, The idea that the colored race possesses immunity is now thought to be connected with the contraction of the disease in infancy or childhood, attacks at this period of that in Ecuador the natives of the endemic area about Guayaquil possess an immunity due to mild attacks in childhood, but the natives passing through Guayaquil to take steamer to Europe (cheapest). A full and lengthy discussion was heard by interested parties review and it is the feeling of the reference committee that a fundamental understanding and satisfaction has been reached.

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Hard-finished walls and floors of Venetian cement set thick with small pebbles, afford no lurking-place for the microbe (is).


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