Sepsis might possibly in arise from infection of the ulcerating wounds made by scratching.

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The substances that have been used for injections are too numerous even cheap to mention. When I first saw the forceps the delicateness of the blades and the spring-like consistence of the material india struck me.


It is true that a curtain is discreetly drawn when this performance takes place; nevertheless, the correspondent of the Progris Medical predicts that the day will arrive when the patients, speaking of their enforced sojourn in the La Pitie Hospital, may say with a show of reason:"We were mg neither men nor women, CHOLERA IN JAPAN. He buy regards rotation movements as less efficient, and decidedly more dangerous, than pendulum movements, but that they may be useful when the position of the head is not known, as indicating the right direction for traction, and that oi least resistance. A few facts, however, are of such importance that it is necessary for us to state them here as far as we know them (review). Soldiers' blankets are at times prepared for this service, by having strong loops sewed to the corners, so that when the blanket is doubled the four loops will come to on one straight side; one musket is passed through the four loops, the second through the folded blanket. At the point where the hard and tlie 20 soft palate unite, the flaps are always firmly attached by a process of fascia to the posterior margin of the bony palate. Sale of milk shall annually be sealed by the sealer side of weights and measures, by wine measure, and shall be marked bv the sealer with figures, indicating the quantity which they hold, and whoever n-andulently sells by any other measure, can, or vessel forfeits twenty dollars for each offense. The method employed by Mann for "canada" detecting the existence of these afferent impulses was that of Forbes and Miller, in which electrodes are placed on the brain stem in decerebrate animals, and the current of action which accompanies the passage of nerve impulses registered by a string galvanometer.

The annual meeting of the above Branch will "pharmacy" be held at the Mineral SOUTH-EASTERN BRANCH: ANNUAL MEETING.

The pain comes on at the first in a spasmodic or intermittent 20mg manner; the intervals of ease are of shorter duration, and ere long the pain is constant. I have never seen an instance of a patient dying in consequence of this affection, although in numerous cases usage I have witnessed the trichina spiralis in the muscles after death.

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