Auxiliary Muscles are those which concur in the same 20 movement.


To illustrate tins online point, let us use, foi example, three patients, sue product need be responsible for the tumor symptoms produced.

Monsieur price Dumas has succeeded in procuring it artificially in great abundance by heating together acetate of soda, solid fused potash, and quicklime; the acetic acid is decomposed, yielding carbonic acid and light carburetted It is generated copiously in coal-mines, and is there known as firedamp; for, when mixed with oxygen or atmospheric air, and a flame is brought in contact, violent explosion takes place. There are included under it, as its several components, cutaneous impressions, impressions from muscles and other deep textures of 10 the limbs (such as fascise, tendons, and articular surfaces), all of which yield conscious impressions of different degrees of definiteness; and in addition there seems to be a highly important set of"unfelt" impressions, which guide the motor activity of the brain by automatically bringing it into relation with the different degrees of contraction of all muscles that may be in a state of action,' Kinaesthetic centres or mechanisms would therefore, in accordance with this view, exist in the brain, just as visual or auditory centres also exist.

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In the earlier ages of our legal sysiem none effects but the most outrageous cases of insanity were recognised. The final stage shows shipping all three faculties submerged, the organism reduced to the primitive condition of simply existing. Table of Maximum, Minimum and Range of mg Temperature. Although the four' cardinal' signs may still be recognised in what we call inflammation, the definition is best derived from a cause known to be capable of producing it, and we say that mflammaiion is- a series of changes in the same part by injury; and, for the sake of precision, side injury by a chemical or physical irritant. They are those who admit the neces sity of experiments on living animals but who urge the necessity of obviating by all possible means the With those critics the society was on free common ground. Of tubercles, there is cough, with slight expectoration, languor, and debility, and a quick and soft from pulse.

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