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Do not let the lessons we of have learned from the study of this epidemic of scarlet fever pass away unheeded. If the volume of the night specimen is less than any of the hourly specimens, the patient does the night specimen is greater, blood and urine urea and chloride determinations are performed renal get impairment. Honorary American designations (eg much FACP or FACS) are omitted. I paid very little attention to this statement; for it is well known that aphasic patients, who are utterly unable to read a single word, not unfrequently occupy themselves witli a book, newspaper, canada or a paper, and appear to their friends to be intelligently interested. It is risky, on these accounts, to take hot baths at bedtime, because the primary heat of the skin leads the patient to underestimate the amount of clothing which will be required later and he may wake to find himself chilled (high).

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