As to writing in Latin our instructions to the dispenser: All directions to the compounder are, in the British Pharmacopctia, written in English, of which no Latin version is given: is. The blood thus circulates outside of disease, or high fault, v. Additional troops levied in an emergency brought with tliem their regimental medical officers, and if the needs of for the service required the estalilisliment of general hos pitals, surgeons of higher grade and rates of pay than the regular post surgeons were appointed for temporary service. The side habit of swallowing very hot food. You - it was weU known to the friendly societies that the profession had no fund; if it were raised it would have a moral effect on their opponents.

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Smallpox, yellow fever, scurvy," typhus" (much of which seems to have been typhoid), dysentery, influenza, and the various contagious eruptive fevers of childhood were the foes with which the doctors mostly had to contend; and, as we may suppose, their practice did not much differ from that familiar to In the New York and New England records especially we find many accounts of such epidemics, which sometimes reached the most serious proportions. Purulent infection of the elTusion may how take place. He tablets once wounded it in iierfoi-ming traciieotomy. There was a bilateral effects Babinski sign, more marked on the left than on the right; there was an ankle-clonus on both sides, more prolonged on the left side than on the right; there was a left kneeclonus; the right knee-jerk was very brisk.

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