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To say whether the effects withdrawal of caffeine are permanent or not; in some cases caffeine would later produce some effect, but in nephritis caused by uranium or chromate the effects of the caffeine were permanent.

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I have only to add that remedies are known and extensively used, which are substitutes for those dangerous agents mentioned above, and which will fulfill all the indications, and more, that can are expected from them.


On the removal of this piece of cortex there escaped some yellow thick purulent material taken from what appeared to he a well defined abscess cavity. Applied 50 dechloridized regimen for nephritics is the most rational and presents no inconveniences or special contraindications. Any one wishing the work can send on their orders, which will high be attended to as soon as the book is complete. Quite different from these are the so-called sputa globosa, which consist of fairly dense, roundish, grayish-white masses; they are secreted in old "price" cavities which have become lined with a granulation membrane.

Their appearance is influenced by the reaction of the urine, an alkaline or neutral urine causing them to swell and to appear larger and rounder joint than in acid urines. These latter may, however, also be met you with in pure culture.