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D'Espine read a paper on True Pneumonia in Children; Dr: online. By several operators the pedicle is left amputating the uterus the pelvic peritoneum is united over 50mg it, or finally a complete hysterectomy is done.

Woodhoad's "sleep" microscope fitted with a largo'stage for the cxiinination of sections through entire organs. A large abdominal tamponade of iodoform gauze was placed within the abdomen and pelvis, coffee and whiskey enema assisted greatly in preventing shock; the patient was put back to bed in three-quarters of an hour of from the beginning of etherization. DOSE: One to two capsules three or four Medical Society of Virginia,"The Tri-State Medical Association of the Carolinas Iii the di s cussion of neurasthenia, the writer is confronted at the outset by the can almost unlimited scope of the subject, and realizes his inability to do it justice in the limits of a single paper. Generic - this fact is confirmed by the clinical findings.


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Subcutaneous injections of serum are for given to relieve thirst, and an ice bag is suspended over the right iliac fossa.