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The attempt to procure an abortion is made get a criminal offense in Indiana, whether the abortion occurs or not and whatever the result is where the abortion Communications between a patient and his physician are privileged communications, and the physician is not competent to testify to such communications. To the extent that we have been secretive about our own individual malpractice suits; to the extent that we have forced settlements on carriers rather than allow them to defend us in the courts; and to the extent that we have allowed ourselves to become isolated from and insulated against a close personal relationship with our patients; we have contributed to to our own problems. Knowledge carries conviction, and when once we are convinced that a man is insane as the result of the excessive use of alcohol we should stand by our conviction regardless of the attempts of a shrewd lawyer to influence us against our conviction, and in spite of the popular idea that common drunkenness accounts for all the erratic doings of all the victims of the drink Diseases of the Respiratory "available" Tract. Both the attending physician and the physician stated that when they saw the patient he was depressed but not so emotionally distraught as to be incapacitated: the. Times this remarkable prediction:"The advance of medicine in the direction of therapeutics lies now mainly in American hands observers and critics, that, while side American surgery and gynecology occupy a proud position, the practice of medicine in this country falls far behind that of the Transatlantic professions. He makes a mistake and himsdl an imposter if be assumes a de m e an or that is not his by Brother, be what you are; be on wise too, and refrain from things that lower you in the estimation of your associates; keep mind and cooacience dean, and cultivate a keen discrimination as to wofds and thoughts as well as of actions.

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