Rigidly enforced, save by special consent of the section; and do not let a speaker wander from the subject, and occupy the time of the meeting with irrelevant matter, only to be called to order after twenty-three minutes, as took place this year in the Public Medicine Section: 100. That such an attempt is justifiable, and that this branch of biology can no longer be considered merely an academic occupation for persons of leisure, is evident from the facts that bacteria occur abundantly in various media, that they flavor butter and for cheese, that they purify sewage and soil, and that they are essential in the growth of many vegetables.

In addition to screening the house, mosquito bars over the and bed will be found necessary in mosquito-infested places.

This generic section deals with the physiologj- ami hygiene of pregnancy, parturition, and the pueqieral.state.

It is very difficult, for example, to isolate mg the various elements" of the spermatic cord.


He showed that not only is their remuneration on a scale that scarcely affords them the means of bare existence, but that the number of hours worked by them is dangerously excessive, and that in very many cases they perform their task in miserable rooms, which they are obliged to overcrowd, and in motion, which was agreed to (sleep).

He had been working for two or three seasons in some of the marshy districts of England, and had been occasionally ill, but never had symptoms of regular intermittent; in fact, he had escaped the intermittent itself, but not what are usually deemed the consequences of it (sale). The immunity is peculiar in that, while the person cannot have a second chancre, this fact has no influence upon the development of the secondary "how" and tertiary lesions resulting from the first infection. Altlioiigh.on the whole, a more satisfactory mode of radical cure did not exist than the injection of small quantities of some irritating fluid, incision or excision was preferable under certain side conditions. From six to eight baths were in general found sufficient for the removal at least, they exerted use a favourable influence over all. With respect to treatment, special attention was drawn to the frequent use of atropine untU the pupil was fully dilated, while mercurjalone, or combined with iodide of potassium, was useful in all forms of iritis, with the to exception of the traumatic.

There are several hundreds of empty bouses, and the Local Hoard has been urged to cat off the water supply to these empty houses, and tlius diminish the quantity of of leaden piping in which the water may settle. A bUnd opposition can only produce a sense of tyrannical retention of power on the part of a small number, which is as injurious to themselves and to the institution whose interests are at stake, as it can be to those whom they unjustly deprive of their equitable privileges, to whom they deny the rights, and whom they incapacitate from the duties w-hich properly devolve upon high the electoral body generally of the College of Some irritation has been expressed at the fact that candidates for election were on this occasion questioned by an Association of Fellows as to their opinions on voting by prosy, and on college meetings. Enderton will get hold of it ag'in, and I know Mrs (get). These oils, however, produce a 50 decomposition of the formalin, and after standing a few weeks the solution is worthless. This leads me to observe the very close connection which has been long recognised by medical practitioners, but only in a limited point of view; for, though they were of opinion effects that disease of the kidneys and a discharge of ammoniacal urine were the results of spinal disease, they never seem to have reflected that the reverse of this might happen. No more successful effort buy to stamp out disease than this was ever recorded. Our fears made "hcl" us attend to this symptom Avith the greatest anxiety.