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By the aid value of the careful analysis made by these critical judges, the many excellent and valuable qualities of the breed may be readily estimated. The new edition has been hydrochloride thoroughly revised and brought into lin'j with the latest advances in medicine and bacteriology. Mg - it brings away much sordes, and gives much relief It also applies to fungous flesh, chronic pains, and ulcers.

It makes a great deal of difference whetlier the patient is seen at first or at tlie end of side a week. In seeking for these bleeding and vessels without knowing where to seek them, it has happened that the upper ligatures or forceps have been loosened peritoneum.

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While in New York the other day, we were informed, by a gentleman connected with the Menagerie, that the little cross-breed is alive taken it to raise at her breast! We are told that Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were suckled in infancy by a wolf; but we never heard before of a woman adopting a young ferocious animal, and suckling it as her own child! The step-mother to the half-lion and half-tiger keeps her charge in a bureau drawer; and, in the morning when her husband gets out of bed, he takes the little sharp-clawed fellow out, and places it in bed with his wife to suckle! When hungry, the little fellow makes a terrible racket, and seems half crazy hcl to get at the breast from which it draws its sustenance! Though it shows every sign of attachment and fondness for its foster-dam, we would advise her to wean it as soon as possible.