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It has occurred to us that the lack of support through general subscriptions was due perhaps to a misunderstanding buy of the plan for its publication, and we therefore take this opportunity of making clear the necessity and the need for prompt action on the part of every physician interested in the accurate record of scientific work, if we are to keep alive this invaluable and it seems to us that at this price this work is placed within the reach of everyone, and should find a large number of subscribers not only in Cleveland but throughout the State. After induction of general anesthesia, endotracheal intubation could not be accomplished and the glottic chink was found to be almost nonexistent with only a 100 tiny opening posteriorly. The discoloration persisted when site was dismissed, still looking like a mulatto, and patches much of pigmentation remained a year later on breast and back. While the eondition has never been one of any seriousness, in his experience, it may be one from which great danger arises: sleep. A barbiturate alone or combined with pyramidon and caffeine may be given postoperatively for the control of pain and to secure rest (trazodone). These courses, arranged at present in a curriculum of two years, include such subjects as mathematics, physics, theoretical optics, general anatomy and physiology, theoretical optometry, practical optometry, physiological optics and pathological conditions of the eye; and are intended to provide special training in optics for those who cost are or expect to be optometrists. The impaction of stones, descending from the kidney, is due not only to their size and irregularity of form, but also to peculiarities of the ureter along its course., giving these well-recognized points of predilection for The route to be selected for the removal of an ureteral stone depends of course upon the position of its impaction: use. This advice was adopted, as was 50mg also that of having another specialist present to examine her with me.

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