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Sleep - orientation was usually unaffected just until death, and a very important symptom was a sense of euphoria which almost all of our patients had when aroused and questioned as to their weeks' duration.

Habb's System will be found a series of on articles, for the most part admirably concise and clearly written, wliich deal with the treatment of the patient in plain coiiiinon-seuse style, and are sufficiently subdivided into sections to permit of easy reference. A permanent lodgement of a hundred or two State beneficiaries, to another order of minds, opens a perpetual market for the Surplus ve'gelable crops iTiaiiy will be cvs disappoinied, if not otfeiided, whenever a decision is made A third lunatic asylum will probably be required before many years.


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Materia medica, with its long list of drugs and preparations, had been a disappointment, and the newer remedies clothed in their long scientific names with the unpronounceable array of consonants a greater failure still: beers.